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Aperturia Weddings Photography

This year we successfully ended our 8th full wedding season as photographers. In this time we made almost 200 weddings, most of them high profile luxury weddings in Slovenia and all around Europe. We are members of many important organizations of wedding photographers and have been awarded multiple times over the last few years. Our photography style is based on the photojournalistic approach with a very strong glamour portrait accent. In the wedding industry, we work under the name Aperturia Weddings.


Aperturia photographers

Mr. Simon Prosenc & Mr. Dobran Laznik

We are a little different from what you’d expect. As people we are not particularly funny, not particularly kind, but as photographers we are bold and courageous! We are hard workers, but on weddings we don’t like to be treated as workers… we need to feel more like guests. We are watchers, not directors. We go with the flow. We are frequently unprepared, but mostly spontaneous. We are experienced but not yet bored. We like experimenting with techniques, but we know our limits. We always attempt to capture the story, not the subject. We study trends in wedding photography from the bravest ones…. and in the end… we are like little children who compete between each other in which one of us is going to make the best photo in the world…. generally… we are just two simple and good fellas.


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