Image cuisine


How does it work?

The main idea of how this works is very simple: you send us your photos in RAW format (jpg is also possible but not recommended), we edit them and send them back to you. The photos are ready to be put in a photo album or sent to your client.


And how does it work in reality?

Your first job is to “send” us the photos. Because we are talking about quite big chunks of data, this is not a thing you can attach in your e-mail. But don’t worry, it is still very simple. Our first choice is by doing it using Dropbox, but you can use any other service you want: WeTransfer, Mediafire, Box, Hightail,…


Editing Style?

We offer a few pre-determined photo editing styles which are listed here. Some of you will find yourself in it, but most of you will have custom wishes. That is totally acceptable. Together, we will determine your own personal style, but it will take us a couple of weddings to find the perfect match. If you already have your own presets, we can also work with them (Lightroom only)… and don’t worry, your secret recipe is safe with us. We will work with many photographers at the same time, but we will try to work with a different style for each one of them to preserve a personal look.


The process?

Photos are usually edited in 2-5 days. We send you back 900 x 600 px files for review. When all is OK, you receive the payment info (Paypal) and a link to the full size jpeg files, prepared and sharpened, ready to put in a photo book or album. You also receive 900 x 600 px files, sharpened and prepared for viewing on-screen. All export parameters are customizable. Trademarks are optional.

What do we do with your photos?

Our editing service is full service, which means the photos are enhanced in every possible (reasonable) way and they become a final product, ready to be passed to clients. We crop and straighten them, apply ISO based noise reduction, we adjust exposure, shadows and highlights, correct the white balance, adjust hue and saturation for each colour. Perspective corrections are made if necessary. Selective corrections (with painter) are also applied (dodging, burning). We also make basic skin corrections on portrait photos (clarity, contrast, cloning) but these are basic and are not suitable for high fashion photography. On top of all these corrections we apply your desired personal editing style. Additional corrections are also made for different image size exports (printing, screen).
Basically everything!

As photographers, we know exactly what situation you were in when you took a certain photo. We have had weddings in almost all situations you can imagine. From beaches, to mountains, from dark messy rooms to gigantic cathedrals. And we also know how to take care of photos taken in these difficult situations.

Can you try us out first?

Sure, after we send you the confirmation that we are available for new customers, you get the option to send us 5-10 photos to test our skills. We will edit them as quickly as possible (1-2 days).


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