Editing Styles

Film or Classic?

We photographers know how challenging can be to shoot a real wedding. We are fighting through all possible light conditions, from rain, overcast sky, dark rooms, direct sun light etc. All these customized editing styles are carefully crafted and specially suited to cover all these different conditions and they maintain consistency (tonality) through all your images. We have already edited far over 100.000 of our own images and these styles are reflection of our work, our experience and our endless hours spent in discussions about wedding photography.

The Image Cuisin’s:

Film looks

We offer a full menu of special film looks based on the tone curves of classic old film families like Kodak Portra, Fuji Provia or Polaroid. Soft, rich in colour and faded on both edges. With or without the authentic grain.


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The Image Cuisin’s:

Clear looks

This is a classic glamour look with high contrast, crisp texture and deep dark blacks. In many variations for warm, cold or neutral cast lovers. Blacks & whites are also strong, bright and high in contrast.


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*All predetermined editing styles are just guidelines. It is totally accepted that you will have your own instructions.

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