-About Image Cuisine-

* Film look editing service for wedding photographers! *


Does it seem strange and suspicious that two successful wedding photographers with more than ten Fearless awards and multiple other rewards want to edit other photographers’ photos? Well, there are many reasons for this but most of them are personal. We have always been known as great photo editors and now we are offering our service to a limited number of wedding photographers.



Advantage No.1

We are photographers
We have been in the field! We have participated in 150+ luxury weddings in the last few years. We know how a great wedding photo should look like!


Advantage No.2

A small team
We are a team of two. It will be only us editing your photos. Editing is a serious job and we trust no one!


Advantage No.3

Our freedom
We can take a very limited amount of work. That means we don’t work under time pressure. Our service is fully available only for a limited number of photographers.

Advantage No.4

Thousands of hours editing our own photos, mostly weddings, make us quite qualified to call ourselves experienced.


Advantage No.5

Wedding specialists
The majority of our career work and success is in wedding photography. We have followed great wedding photographers worldwide and tried to study their editing style for years.


Advantage No.6

As photographers we know that a series of images must be consistent in colour and tonality. This makes retouching invisible for the viewer and gives photography a natural look.

editing styles:

Film looks

We offer a full menu of special film looks based on the tone curves of classic old film families like Kodak Portra, Fuji Provia or Polaroid. Soft, rich in colour and faded on both edges. With or without the authentic grain.


View all film look editing styles

editing styles:

Clear looks

This is a classic glamour look with high contrast, crisp texture and deep dark blacks. In many variations for warm, cold or neutral cast lovers. Blacks & whites are also strong, bright and high in contrast.


View all clear look editing styles

*All predetermined editing styles are just guidelines. It is totally accepted that you will have your own instructions.

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Our philosophy is a little bit different from other editing companies. We don’t want that you to need to choose whether the photo needs BASIC or ADVANCED editing! What needs to be done should be done. Your clients deserve a final product! Figuring out how to achieve this is our job. On average 70% of photos in wedding sets you send us will be edited in (as stated by the competition) ADVANCED mode, other 30% of the photos may not need cropping, selective or skin corrections, that’s why those photos only need BASIC corrections. Most of your photos and close up portraits will definitely fall into the ADVANCED category. Remember, we are very experienced wedding photographers and we know what we are doing. Our service is not just about editing, it is about making your final product better.


For us, choosing the right photos is one of the most important parts of our wedding photography working process and has great impact on the quality of the final product. Many photographers know how to take good photos in the field but they fail to choose the right ones out of hundreds of photos and sort them in a way that looking through them will tell a story with an appropriate tempo. If culling is not your favorite job or you have a feeling that you are not the best person for that job, let us try instead of you.

Culling price = 0,04€/photo

You pay for the number of sent photos. The number of the final selection doesn’t affect the price (3000 –>500 = 3000 –>1000)


These packages are for wedding photos only. One set must contain photos from only one wedding. It is full service, all necessary corrections are made. On average, 70% of photos are edited in ADVANCED mode, other 30% in BASIC.

Package “S”

Package “M”

Package “L”


In this category we have photos shot in various contexts (engagement, maternity, family…). The price is charged per edited photo. It is full service – all necessary corrections are made. All photos are edited in advanced mode.

Price = 0,90€/photo